Publications of Christine E. Meltzer



Peer-reviewed journal articles

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  • Schemer, C., & Meltzer, C. E. (2019). The Impact of Negative Parasocial and Vicarious Contact with Refugees in the Media on Attitudes toward Refugees. Mass Communication and Society, 1–19.
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  • Schnauber, A., & Meltzer, C. E. (2016). Online vs. memory-based. Variables explaining and moderating the occurrence and interrelation of first- and second-order cultivation effects. Communications. The European Journal of Communication Research, 41, 121-143. doi: 10.1515/commun-2016-0004
  • Meier, A, Reinecke L. & Meltzer, C. E. (2016). "Facebocrastination"? Predictors of using Facebook for procrastination and its effects on students' well-being. Computers in Human Behavior, 64, 65-76. doi: 10.1016/j.chb.2016.06.011 
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  • Meltzer, C. E., Jakobs, I. & Daschmann, G. (2013). „Wir haben ja beim letzten Interview schon miteinander telefoniert.“ Zum Einfluss des Interviewers auf die Teilnahmebereitschaft in telefonischen Panelbefragungen. Studies in Communication | Media (SCM), 2 (2), 223-245. doi:10.5771/2192-4007-2013-2-22
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Chapters in edited volumes

  • Meier, A., Meltzer C.E., & Reinecke, L. (2018). Coping with Stress or Losing Control? Facebook-induced Strains Among Emerging Adults as a Consequence of Escapism versus Procrastination. In R. Kühne, S. E. Baumgartner, T. Koch, & M. Hofer (Hrsg.), Youth and Media: Current Perspectives on Media Use and Effects. Baden-Baden: Nomos., 167-186. doi: 10.5771/9783845280455-167
  • Meltzer, C. E., Rossmann, C. & Schnauber, A. (2015). Living with television: The violence profile von George Gerbner und Larry Gross (1976). In Potthoff, M. (Ed.), Schlüsselwerke der Medienwirkungsforschung. Wiesbaden: Springer.

Contributions to encyclopedias

  • Sampling theory. In M. Allen (Hg.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods (S. 1550–1552). Thousand Oaks: SAGE. doi:10.4135/9781483381411.n544