DySCo in San Diego – presentations at the ICA 2017 conference

Team members of the DySCo research group will again participate in the annual ICA conference this year. The conference will be hosted from May 25th to May 29th in San Diego, CA. Here you can find y list of our papers:

  • Stefan Geiß: Curbing audience prejudgments in scandals: An experimental study of a public figure’s responses.
  • Stefan Geiß & Jörg Haßler: Frame contests in real-time: How panelists elaborate, shift, and challenge frames in political talk shows.
  • Stefan Geiß, Jörg Haßler & Christian Schemer: The dynamics of conflict in political talk shows: Reproduction, spillover, and escalation.
  • Melanie Magin & Stefan Geiß: Beyond time and space: A multilevel approach to structural influences on mediatization in campaign coverage.
  • Christine E. Meltzer: Despite personal experience? The impact of personal and media experience on the evaluation on an event.
  • Philipp Müller, Christian Schemer, Martin Wettstein, Anne Schulz, Dominique S. Wirz, & Werner Wirth: The polarizing impact of news coverage on populist attitudes in the public: Evidence from a panel study in four European democracies.
  • Svenja Schäfer, Josephine Schmitt & Christian Schemer: The more the better?! An experiment on the influence of political Facebook news posts on subjective knowledge.
  • Christian Schemer, Stefan Geiß, Philipp Müller & Svenja Schäfer: The Impact of electronic media use on adolescents’ well-being.
  • Anne Schulz, Werner Wirth, Martin Wettstein, Dominique S. Wirz & Philipp Müller: The populist’s worldview: How populist citizens perceive mainstream media and public opinion.