DySCo in Washington – Presentations at the ICA 2019

We again participated at the annual conference of the International Communication Assocation. This year, the conference was held from the 24th until the 28th of May in Washington, DC. We presented the following papers:

  • Philipp K. Masur & Sabine Trepte: Transformative or Not? How Experiences of Privacy Violations Influence Privacy Concerns and Privacy Behaviors (Top Paper Award of the division Communication and Technology)
  • Lara N. Wolfers & Philipp K. Masur: The Willingness to Self-Disclose in Online and Offline Contexts: Trait(S), State and Reciprocal Influences
  • Fabienne Lind & Christine E. Meltzer: Now You See Me, Now You DonÕt Applying Automated Content Analysis to Track Female MigrantsÕ Salience in German News
  • Jakob-Moritz Eberl, Christine E. Meltzer, Nora Theorin, Tobias Heidenreich, Fabienne Lind, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, Christian Schemer & Jesper Strömbäck: Media Framing Effects on Policy Preferences Towards Free Movement: A Comparative Approach
  • Svenja Schäfer, Philipp Müller & Marc Ziegele: The Double-Edged Sword of Arguing with Facts How Evidence-Based User Comments Both Decrease and Increase Discussion Participation Through Subjective Knowledge
  • Svenja Schäfer: Illusion of Knowledge Through Facebook News? the Impact of Repetition in News Posts on Perceived and Factual Knowledge, Attitude Strength and Willingness for Discussions
  • Svenja Schäfer, Christian Schemer & Leonard Reinecke: Selective Exposure Online the Influence of Attitude-Consistency, Interest in a Topic and Popularity Indicators (Likes) on News Use Patterns
  • Mathias Weber, Christina Koehler, Marc Ziegele & Christian Schemer: Online Hate Does Not Stay Online: How Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Mediate the Effect of Negativity and Hate in User Comments on Prosocial Behavior
  • Stefan Geiss, Viola Granow & Christian Schemer: Unpleasant Lessons in Trust: Effects of Exposure to Attacks and Incivilities on Trust in Politicians
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