DySCo goes Japan – Paper presentations at the 2016 ICA conference

In 2016, DySCo team members will once again be presenting their most recent research at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA). This major communication conference this year takes place from June 9 to 13 in Fukuoka, Japan. A number of papers that have been (co-)authored by DySCo team members will be presented:

  • Philipp Müller, Josephine B. Schmitt (U of Cologne), & Benjamin Krämer (U of Jena): Between Association and Dissociation: How Parents Influence Media Innovativeness at Later Life Stages.
  • Philipp Müller, Pascal Schneiders & Svenja Schäfer: Appetizer or Main Dish? Explaining the Use of Facebook News Content as a Substitute for Other News Sources.
  • Svenja Schäfer & Helmut Scherer (HMTM Hannover): Why Self-disclosure despite Concern?
    Explaining the Privacy Paradox with gratifications, the Optimistic Bias and habitualization.
  • Christian Schemer, Stefan Geiss, Werner Wirth (U of Zurich), & Anna Baumert (U of Koblenz-Landau): The Impact of Advocacy, Contrast, and Attacks in Political Advertising and News Coverage on Political Efficacy: Evidence from a Panel Study in a Direct-democratic Campaign.
  • Anne Schulz (U of Zurich), Martin Wettstein (U of Zurich), Philipp Müller, Dominique Wirz (U of Zurich), Christian Schemer, & Werner Wirth (U of Zurich): News Media Use and Populist Attitudes: Is There an Unholy Alliance? (ICA-Preconference “Populism in, by, and against the Media”)
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