DySCo team at the ICA 2015 conference

All members of the DySCo Research Group will participate at this year's conference of the International Communication Association (ICA). The conference will be held in May 2015 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We congratulate DySCo team member Stefan Geiß who has been awarded the Top Four Student Paper Award of the Mass Communication division for his paper "Understanding the Decay of Public Attention: Predicting Progress of Opinion Formation with Latent Growth Curves." Additionally, a large number of other contributions by DySCo team members has been accepted for presentation:

  • Stefan Geiß: „Understanding the Decay of Public Attention: Predicting Progress of Opinion Formation with Latent Growth Curves.“
  • Johanna Keppeler (LMU Munich), Benjamin Krämer (LMU Munich) & Philipp Müller: "Looking Left or Looking Right? Effects of Newspaper Layout on the Perception of Political News."
  • Philipp Müller & Sebastian Scherr (LMU Munich): "A Matter of Perspective? How Self-Distancing and Perspective-Taking Influence First- and Third-Person Perceptions."
  • Thorsten Naab (U Augsburg) & Philipp Müller: "Media Beliefs: Concept and Measurement."
  • Svenja Schäfer, Melanie Magin & Birgit Stark: "Explaining SERP Evaluations: The Influence of Brand Equity on the Quality Perception of Search Engine Results."
  • Christian Schemer, Rinaldo Kühne (U Amsterdam), Fabian Ryffel (U Zurich) & Werner Wirth (U Zurich): "Media Effects on Stereotypic Cognitions, Intergroup Affects, and Policy Opinions."
  • Christian Schemer & Fabian Ryffel (U Zurich): "Communicator Matching Effects in Persuasion: Susceptibility to Persuasive Appeals from Emotional and Rational Communicators and the Moderating Role of Attitude Meta-Bases."
  • Sebastian Scherr (LMU Munich) & Philipp Müller: "I Shake My Head But They Will Nod: On the Relevance of Persuasion Knowledge and Reactance for Third-Person Perceptions."
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