Philipp Müller finishes his PhD

DySCo team member Philipp Müller has succesfully completed his PhD with his defense on July 1st. The title of his dissertation is »Die Wahrnehmung des Medienwandels. Eine theoretische und empirische Exploration ihrer Dimensionen, Entstehungsbedingungen und Folgen« [The perception of media change. A theoretical and empirical exploration of its dimensions, origins and consequences].

The dissertation deals with three questions: 1. How do media users observe and judge changes in the media environment? 2. Which factors influence the ermegence of certain perceptions of media change? 3. What are the consequences of different perceptions of media change. The study exploits this new area of research on a broad and systematic theoretical and empirical basis. Results show that perceptions of changes in the media environment have an impact in different behavioral and attitudinal contexts. They affect, e.g., the willingness to pay for media content, attitudes towards media policy, and the individual stress level. With these results, the study demonstrates the benefits of integrating the investigation of individuals' perceptions in media change research.

The dissertation has been submitted at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich where Philipp Müller used to work before joining the DySCo team in Mainz. The work was supervised by Wolfram Peiser. Christoph Neuberger and Carsten Reinemann served as additional referees.

The DySCo team congratulates Philipp Müller for his excellent work!

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